What makes a great British Pub?

The Victoria Walshaw has fast earned a fantastic reputation across Bury and beyond. We’re a “proper pub”, and our customers love us for it.


The pub is a bona fide British institution, so synonymous with UK culture that it would be difficult to imagine our villages, towns and cities without them!


While pubs are essentially ‘woven into the fabric of the landscape’, we’ve been asking our team about the features  that they feel truly which characterise a ‘great British pub’.


A Warm Welcome


First impressions really do count which is why a warm welcome is essential. How the customer is greeted on arrival will set the scene for the rest of their visit and it should leave them in no doubt that the staff truly want them to fully enjoy their experience and that their custom is genuinely valued.

After all, when a customer walks into the pub they’re looking to let go of their worries and have a good time, and a genuinely welcoming approach can help to do just that. It’s something that at The Victoria Walshaw we excel at, and we treat our customers like old friends.




All great pubs have character. Often this is enhanced by the building itself as well as the features within it. Earlier we mentioned that pubs are woven into the fabric of the landscape so it’s fitting then that The Victoria was actually once a weaver’s cottage before becoming a licensed premises in 1860. As well as undergoing its own changes it has seen Walshaw change over the years too. What’s more, our bar area, cosy snugs with fireplaces and lovingly refurbished decor work in harmony to ensure an inviting atmosphere that is second to none, offering real warmth and hospitality.



Delicious grub


When it comes down to it, the quality of the refreshments offered by any decent pub is key because ultimately, life is better with good food-and drink!


At the Victoria Walshaw pride ourselves on offering some of the best food in the area, with our talented chefs creating delicious fare that our customers will love-and clearly they do as our consistently excellent reviews demonstrate. The following comment from a satisfied customer confirms that we have succeeded in achieving what we set out to do:

“The standard of food, including its presentation, were outstanding considering such a very reasonable price. You can tell only high quality ingredients were used in the food preparation.”


Great service:


Pub-goers have a right to expect great service during their visit. But what does that actually entail? We’d say it’s about building relationships with our customers by taking time to talk with them as well as checking in on them to make sure their having the best possible experience. We know this can make a real difference and customer service is our absolute top priority.


Great service also depends upon ensuring things run smoothly in an operational sense and that depends upon an organised approach from the top down. We find that giving feedback to our staff is important too. In terms of the positive, it’s a method of maintaining team spirit- and on the few occasions when it’s less positive we regard it as an opportunity to learn and improve.


So it pleases us no end to read customer comments that confirm we are getting it right, such as; ‘great service, the waiter was knowledgeable and could not do enough to help when asked. Will definitely return.’


At the heart of the community


When we took over the Victoria Walshaw, it was our ultimate aim to “bring the Vic back to the village” – and we are extremely proud that we’ve done just that tenfold.


For us, being at the heart of this amazing community means we want to give something back and for that reason we’re proud to be involved in various initiatives to support it including working with The Attic Project and donating surplus food to the local food bank.


Child Friendly


Some of us remember the days when children weren’t routinely allowed inside pubs and had to sit outside or in the car (with a packet of crisps and a bottle of lemonade if they were lucky) while mum and dad nipped into their local for the briefest of pints.


Thankfully times have changed and we are happy that the doors are open to our younger customers. Not only will the kids’ menu at The Victoria appeal to junior tastebuds but post-lockdown our play area is available to keep them amused once again.


Dog Friendly


We understand that dog owners can sometimes feel restricted when making arrangements to dine out but that’s not an issue with us. The team extends its welcome to our canine friends, many of whom have now become regulars along with their human counterparts.




For many people part of the appeal of the pub is the entertainment on offer. Those of our customers who are sports fans have told us as much, with one describing the (then) newly installed Sky Sports as having added a new emphasis to a traditional pub.


What’s more, with DJ and Karaoke and live music set to return, the temptation to join in will be irresistible!



It’s clear that a Great British Pub has something for everyone, whether they just fancy calling in for a pint and a chat with other customers or whether they want to hold a celebration to mark a special occasion.


And on the subject of what makes an establishment stand out from the rest, we’ll leave you with this assessment from the poet William Blake who said;


“A good local pub has much in common with a church, except that a pub is warmer, and there's more conversation...in other words, it’s good for the soul!”


 At The Victoria Walshaw, we think that says it all.



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