Time to Party Again!

Lockdown is finally over and at The Victoria Walshaw, we can’t wait to help you get ready to party again!


We humans are social creatures by nature and even the most introverted among us crave social contact from time to time, which is just one reason the long months of lockdown hit so hard.


Now that the need for physical distancing is much less acute, what better way to celebrate our new-found freedom than by unleashing the party animals within us! We’re sure you’ll agree - they have been cooped up for far too long!


With this in mind, we’ve highlighted five reasons why parties are great for the soul;

Improved mental health


Studies confirm what we’ve always known -  that interacting with others boosts feelings of well-being and decreases feelings of depression.


It comes as no surprise then that partying is a fabulous mood-enhancer, triggering a natural high via the feel-good hormone, Oxytocin, and the neuro-transmitter, dopamine-effectively combining to create a double cocktail of euphoria. Add in some liquid cocktails too, and you are on to a winner!


Better physical health


Celebrating in style with friends old and new can keep us fighting fit physically too hence both body and soul benefit. Socialising with other people is associated with a stronger immune system, especially when it comes to older adults. This means the ability to ward off colds, the flu, and even some types of cancer is enhanced.  And afterall, who doesn’t love a good boogie? So get those steps up and, party on, whatever your age!


Increased chance of a long life


Another welcome piece of news for all the revellers out there is that those of us with strong social connections tend to live longer. It's known that despite differences in diet and lifestyle, one thing that so-called ‘Super-Agers’* have in common around the world, is that they all appear dedicated to being highly socially active!


Enhanced brain health


It’s encouraging for party-goers to know that people who connect with others generally perform better on tests of memory and other cognitive skills. And, in the long run, people with active social lives are less likely to develop dementia than those who are more socially isolated. What’s more, loneliness has been deemed to be as much of a health risk as smoking. When you think about it, it makes total sense – conversation, discussion and even debate will always help keep those mental togs turning!



Work-life balance


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or girl) - which is another reason we all need some party time in our lives. No-one wants to be seen as Jack in this sense! It stands to reason that when we’ve been working or studying all week it’s essential to include some well-deserved fun time in our agenda.


And when we’re surrounded by the right people, party nights can be the very best way to have that fun.


Whether we choose to indulge in a little karaoke, dancing or flirting-or possibly all three-the opportunity to let off steam is there for the taking.  Even if we feel a tad delicate the next day, there should still be time to recover in readiness for whatever Monday morning brings.

When it comes to partying, we are clearly ready to make up for lost time. We totally missed those celebrations with friends and family-not to mention the music, the lights, the laughter, the party food and drinks-elements which merge to create the perfect atmosphere. So, if you ever needed an excuse to let your hair down, start dancing on the tables and paint the town red, then this is it!


And The Victoria Walshaw is more than happy to help  - so please get in touch to find out how we can create a bespoke party just for you!


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