Entertaining Kids at the Pub

Going out for a bite to eat and a few drinks is a real treat, especially when there’s delicious food on the menu, the venue is top-notch and there’s no washing up to be done afterwards.


And it’s likely to be even more of a treat for families with young children as dining out not only means a break from the regular- and possibly hectic- routine, but it’s a chance to let our dedicated team look after you for a while.


At the Victoria Walshaw, one of Bury’s leading pubs and restaurants, one of the many things our customers love about us is our genuinely child-friendly approach.


For many children, it will have been a while since they last ate out. Indeed, for younger kids it could be a brand new experience altogether. Many won’t be used to sitting at a table for long periods, waiting for their food and taking other people in to consideration.


We’ve put lots of things in place to ensure a relaxed and casual experience for everyone involved. After all, it’s as important to us that our younger visitors enjoy their experience just as much as the grown ups!


And that starts with our Kids’ Menu


Our Kids’ Menu features a range of their favourite dishes made with the freshest ingredients and no hidden nasties so you can be sure that whatever they opt for, your little ‘uns are eating a nutritious as well as a tasty meal.

And of course we cater for different dietary requirements to ensure that a good choice is always available for hungry youngsters.


Fun Stuff


It might be tempting to give the kids a device while they are waiting for their food – but how about using the time as a chance to chat and do activities they might not automatically choose at home?


Get arty


Until the food arrives it’s always useful to have something handy to keep small people entertained. Colouring books and crayons are ideal because they fit easily into a bag without weighing you down and help prevent restlessness by keeping your budding artists occupied with a creative task! What’s more, colouring in can help develop their motor skills, and also help them relax and enjoy quality time with other family members-so as an activity it ticks lots of boxes!  Or what about Fuzzy Felts to spark their imagination?

Old classics


Alternatively, why not introduce your children to the tradition of playing dominoes seeing as you’re in the pub!  And it takes up less overall space than a board game.


Playing-cards are another classic pastime and here’s an ideal opportunity to teach this generation some simple games like Crazy Eights (suitable for age 5+), Snap, Old Maid or Rummy. Of course, you have the option of Top Trumps or UNO which are just as much fun. An additional benefit is that a pack of cards is so perfectly portable that it can go almost anywhere with you!


For tiny tots with shorter attention spans, sometimes a succession of quick little games can work wonders in the entertainment department.  Reciting Incy Wincy Spider or Round and Round The Garden with accompanying actions could be just what’s required to engage their enthusiasm.

Outdoor Space




We have a fantastic outdoor space here at The Victoria Walshaw, which allows our customers the option to dine al fresco if they wish. And for kids who may be unused to eating outside due to lockdown, this could well be something of a novelty!


They’ll love the idea-not least when the sun is shining-and it’s an opportunity to get some fresh air around their cheeks too!




And in news which will particularly interest our younger customers and their parents, we are re-installing our outdoor play area. Unfortunately we had to bid it a temporary goodbye to make way for additional outdoor seating so as to comply with lockdown restrictions. Now that the rules are being relaxed, the time has come to welcome it back! So your energetic little tikes will soon have their very own space to run around in again. No doubt that’ll help them work up an appetite!


At the end of the day, when the kids are happy, chances are the grown-ups will be too!


We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly pub so it stands to reason that we want all our customers to feel at home, from the most senior to the most junior.


And from the food to the environment to the approach of our staff, we aim to do everything we can to make that happen.


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