A guide to returning to the pub.

It feels like it has been a long time coming so if you’re anything like us, you’ll have been counting down the days until we are able to open for indoor drinking and dining.


At The Victoria Walshaw, we’re super excited with the confirmation that we can do this from next week.

However, while this clearly means we are returning towards some semblance of life before Covid, it’s not a complete relaxation of the rules just yet.

So if you’re confused about how many friends are allowed to meet up inside the pub or whether you’ll still be required to wear a mask then our handy guide to the updated regulations will help keep you right!


What are the new rules?


  • Gatherings of up to 30 people will now be permitted outside and gatherings of up to 6 people or 2 households of any size will be allowed indoors. Good news if you’re planning a long-overdue catch-up.
  • Table service will be required indoors so customers must order, be served and eat and drink while seated. This applies even if you don’t order alcohol.
  • Rules around live performances and business events will be relaxed



How we will help keep our customers safe



To help stop Covid from spreading, we will ask you to wear a face covering when moving around inside the premises.


Test and Trace

When you arrive at The Victoria you will be asked to check in and provide your contact details either via the NHS Covid app to scan our QR code or alternatively using pen and paper. Every person over the age of 16 will be required to participate.



We will ensure that our tables are positioned apart. Where tables are already separated by barriers/screens then a distance of 1m is legally acceptable.


One Way System

We’ll ask you to follow our one-way system to facilitate physical distancing between customers from different parties.



Using the facilities!

Please take note of our physical distancing policy around visiting the facilities in The Victoria. And just to highlight the good hygiene message further, please be sure to wash your hands!


Payment System

Where possible we will ask you to pay using a contactless method either by using a relevant app on your phone or contactless bank card. This removes the need to handle cash which in turn reduces the risk of infection transmission from person to person.



We will be putting additional hygiene measures in place to help keep our customers safe. This will involve extra cleaning duties which will be included on the staff rota.



We have an obligation to ensure adequate ventilation within our premises. To reduce the risk of droplet and aerosol transmission, we will use natural ventilation through open doors and windows as appropriate or a combination of the two.


Low level sound

By keeping music/TV’S at a lower level which minimises the need for customers to shout, we can reduce the risk of aerosol transmission of the Covid-19 virus.


Covid Symptoms

We are required by legislation to turn people away if they show symptoms of Covid. Please respect our position and help us to keep customers safe by staying away until NHS guidelines say it’s acceptable to venture out.


Most of all  - have fun and consider your fellow customers.

By following health and safety legislation The Victoria team will be doing their utmost to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. What’s more, with your co-operation we will be sure to succeed.

We look forward to welcoming you back very soon!





Opening times:


Monday — Sunday

12 noon — 10pm


Last Orders



Food Times:


Monday & Tuesday – Kitchen Closed


Wednesday 1200 – 1900


Thursday 1200- 2000


Friday & Saturday 1200 – 2030


Sunday 1200 – 1900

The Victoria Walshaw

12-14 Hall Street,




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